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Tune Your Grill! YES, your grill!

grill and brush

You can’t tuna fish but you can tune a grill!

And then you can grill a fish!

So you took the cover off your gas grill, cooked up some burgers two weeks ago, a steak last week and wow, what an adventure each one was. The near explosion on starting, the glowing red burners, the grease in the bottom flaming up. Your neighbors calling the fire department. Your wife wondering why your eyebrows were singed.

Okay, then admit it. It’s time to tune-up your grill. After all, how can you grill all summer with your grill in this shape. But how? Well, start with the basics and you’ll be amazed how much better your grill can be.

Clean it out: Get the grease, ash and grime out of it. No matter how you cook, this will build up over time. Take a plastic putty knife and scrape off the grime from the sides and bottom of the grill. Go to your local Ace Hardware, get a can of grill cleaner, we have many to choose from, spray it on and let it soak in to clean off the grease. Hose it out, or get your power washer to do a real good job on it. Be careful, don’t use too much pressure from a power washer or you’ll remove paint as well. Replace the drip pans as well.

Inspect your burners: These should be tubes with small holes, no big rusted-out holes. No bug or spider-web clogged holes, and no dents. You can clean out the small holes. If they’re too far gone, replacement burners are also readily available at, you guessed it, your local Ace Hardware.

Check the igniter: It should produce a spark easily visible, right near one burner. If it does not spark close enough to a burner, then it may take a bit too long for the gas to reach the spark causing a whoof when it ignites, which may scare the pants right off you. Then you’ll be standing on your patio with no pants and your neighbors will think you’ve lost it. So, adjust the igniter, or see about getting a new one at the helpful hardware place.

Clean the cooking grids: Heat them up, then scrape well with a grill cleaning brush. You may need to re-season cast iron grates. If your grate is too rusty, too far gone, they’re also replaceable. If you have porcelain grids, they may come clean in your dishwasher.

Look at your briquettes or Weber flavorizer bars. Briquettes or lava rock get clogged with grease and food droppings easily and will flame up like a volcano. Metal flavorizer bars rust away. Take both of these out, look them over and think about replacing them.

Sounds like a lot, but it’s really not that bad. A little bit of time, and not that much money can extend the life of your grill several years and make all your grilling safer and more enjoyable. Not to mention how much better that fish will taste on a tuned-up grill!

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It's Dirt Cheap! Is it Cheap Dirt?


How cheap is dirt cheap dirt?

I know that kind of sounds like how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, but it’s a good question for this week. Why this week? Because it’s time for the Ace Hardware Dirt Cheap Sale. We’re offering a 1 cubic foot bag of Ace top soil for $.99*. That’s cheap dirt!

The other question I have is how many bags of dirt will be sold in the US this season? Well, over 100,000 bags will be sold by Ace Hardware stores in the Rocky Mountain region during this week. That’s a bunch, but it’s merely a trowel in the wheelbarrow of the well over 7,000,000 bags of dirt that will be sold nation-wide this season.

By a bag of dirt, I mean all garden, potting and lawn soils that come in a bag. This includes composts and manures as well. Basically, anything that you’d buy in a bag, take home and put in the ground to grow something. All dirts are not the same, either. Your local Ace Hardware has many high-quality composts and garden soils which are alive with organic matter and nutrients as well as basic top soil.  

Think back a few decades. If someone had told you in 1970 that one of the hottest, fastest selling products in the gardening business would be dirt, but put in to bags and sold for $4, $5, even more than $10, you’d laugh. Of course, if that same person told you that people would pay more for a bottle of water in 2017 than they would a gallon of gasoline you’d think they were nuts.

Dirt never goes as far as you think it will. I spent the past few years in a big re-landscape project. I had a large hole to fill and needed to bring up the grade of my yard by several feet. I measured. I did the math. Multiple times. Got about the same answer each time, but I just refused to believe how many dump trucks I would need to fill the area. I had so many trucks come in, I lost count. It cost way more than I wanted to spend on dirt, but it needed to be done. Later, when I made raised garden beds, I wanted really good dirt to fill them. Again, I measured, but refused to believe how many bags it would take. Well, finally got enough, after multiple trips to my Ace Hardware store.

So, don’t underestimate how many bags of dirt you may need this season. Buy enough, because you’ll spend more on gas and time going back and forth to buy more than if you just buy a bunch the first time. Remember, hauling dirt is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Stop by your local Ace Hardware this week and get some bags of Dirt Cheap dirt. And when you do, tell them Pete Moss sent you. Thanks!

*Yes, there’s always fine print. Just the first five bags are at $.99. See your local store for more details.

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5 Things for Your Garden


Five things to do right now in your yard and garden.

It’s spring! You want to get out and work in the dirt and grass! Well, I’m Pete Moss here with five things to do outside, right now. Yes, right now. If you’re inside reading this, get outside. If you’re at work, go home!

One: Apply Bayer Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed. This is a great way to help your trees, especially younger ones, grow strong and healthy. It’s easy to apply, just mix with water and pour around the base of the tree. It soaks in through the soil and helps prevent damage to your tree from insects. Use it now to help control Emerald Ash Borer on your younger Ash trees.

Two: Apply Bayer 2-In-1 Systemic Rose & Flower Care. This is similar to the above step. Apply this now to your roses, flowers and shrubs to help control insects and to feed them now when they’re growing. Applying this now can help control Japanese Beetles later in the summer. Also simple to apply and also better than spraying later in the year.

Three: Fertilize your trees. If you don’t want to use the products above, you should at least get some fertilizer down to the roots of your trees and shrubs. Jobes fertilizer spikes are great, especially for younger trees. Drive them in to the soil around the tree and you’re done for the season. Even better are Ross Root Feeders. These attach to your garden hose and put water and fertilizer right down at the roots. They’re also wonderful in a hot & dry summer to get water right to where your trees need it. Both are simple to use and afterwards your trees may hug you just for doing so!

Four: Do your dirty work. True, Steely Dan said I’m a fool to do your dirty work, but you’re not a fool to do your own dirty work. In your garden, of course. You may have a few cool weather veggies growing already, but for most of your garden, now is the time to work your soil and get it ready to plant in a few weeks. Turn it over, loosen it up, till it and wake it up from its winter nap. Adding organic compost is great. If you don’t have that, get some soil amendments at your local Ace Hardware store. These amendments don’t even need congressional approval!

Five: Put down season-long grub control on your lawn. This comes in granular form and is applied with a fertilizer spreader. Remember those little white moths from late last summer. The thousands of them that flew up while you were mowing? They left eggs in your lawn that are now hatching in to grubs. These grubs will eat the roots of your grass and could kill large spots of your lawn. Both Bayer Grub Control and Scotts GrubEx work well for this.

OK, that’s five. Now you’d probably better get back to your job. If your boss gets mad at you for leaving, just blame me!  

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4 Laws of Lawn Mowing


Hi! Pete Moss here with 4 Laws of Lawn Mowing.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to fire up the mower, get out and enjoy the spring air while cutting the grass. From now ‘til November, when you’re mowing up fallen leaves, it’s a weekly chore. And like guys do, we have laws involved. These are from Vince Staten and come from his excellent book, Did Monkeys Invent the Monkey Wrench? I have adapted them a bit.

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Try Us First

Ace Logo

Ace is the place.

For many years we’ve been saying that, and for many years it’s been true. Hi, Brad Nale here to tell you that no less than ten times a day we here this in our stores: “I’ve been all over town looking for this, can’t believe you guys have it.”

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Got Radon?


Here in the rocky mountain region, you probably do. Our area generally runs in the moderate to high potential when it comes to Radon gas.

What is Radon? I hear about it, but why should I care?

Radon is a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring gas which seeps out of the earth. Radon has been around, well basically, forever, but it’s only been in the last 25 years or so that we’ve come to really know a lot or care a lot about it. Why do we care about it? Because it causes lung cancer. In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is responsible for thousands of deaths per year.

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What You Need to Know About Plumbing


Got an older home? A mid-century modern that still has original plumbing? An early seventies tri-level? You may have a possible nightmare on your hands.

What I had is what you may have in your older home: A possible catastrophe caused by poor plumbing when they built the house.

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A Chip Off the Old Key Fob!


Fob. What an odd word. In all my years of working in Ace Hardware stores I always wondered just why the little, often decorative, thing that goes on your key ring was called a fob. Well, I still do. There’s not a real direct origin for this word. So I guess I’ll just keep wondering. You may say, who cares, Brad? Well, think of this: You may well use a fob multiple times each day, and not even know it. This particular fob is the one that unlocks your car doors. Oh you mean the car door remote thingy! Yes, that thingy is the fob, and chances are you’re going to want a new one someday.

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This Winter is for the Birds!

yellow finch

This Winter is for the Birds!

But the bird feeders at your local Ace Hardware store are not. Well, okay, actually the feeders are for the birds. I mean, what good would a bird feeder be if it wasn’t for the birds? Anyway, whether you’re trying to attract Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Clark’s Nutcrackers, Hoary Redpolls, Dickcissels, or Bananaquits, Ace is the place for the birds!

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