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Fire in the...Pit!

fire pit

It’s backyard fire time. In your fire pit that is!

Hi, Pete Moss here. You’ve probably noticed that the days have grown a bit cooler, the nights longer and Fall is in the air. This is a great time to get out, have your friends over, enjoy your yard and sit around a fire pit. With a fire burning, of course. Kind of odd to just sit around the pit after all.

There are, of course precautions to take while you’re doing this. A metal fire pit is all self- contained, and you just add wood and light, right? Well, not quite that simple. Depending on the fire pit you’ve chosen, you may well need a fire proof layer beneath the pit, especially if you are setting your fire pit on a flammable wooden deck. A while back I was at a friend’s house for fire and wine. We were all enjoying the evening, until we realized that his deck was smoldering. Yeah, it was a charred mess, just shy of catching on fire and becoming a real party downer. So be careful what’s underneath your fire pit. A few bricks or concrete pavers, and ample air space could keep a fun night from becoming a tragedy.

Come talk to the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware and see the many fire pit options available for you. We have portable wood burning pits, propane- powered fire pits and some stores get way in to built-in units powered by natural gas. But, at Ace Hardware we don’t stop there. Table-top fire burners, table-top patio heaters and tall stand-up restaurant-style patio heaters are all available. These will all help you enjoy cool nights, and extend your back-yard season.

One of my favorites is the new Flame Genie wood pellet fire pit. Burning wood pellets means no sparks, no smoke. Great if you have neighbors close by and don’t want the smoke to bother them. It’s a much safer fire and the way the Flame Genie is designed, the flames rise up and really put out the heat! This would be great for cool Rocky Mountain evenings. These are new to Ace Hardware, so contact your local store and see if they have them yet.

The most important thing about fire pits, is of course, fire safety. Always be aware of what is happening with a fire, never leave a fire pit burning unattended and always have a fire extinguisher nearby. Be mindful of fire burning bans as well. You may think it’s okay to light your wood burning fire pit during a ban but it is not. You don’t want of be the cause of a wildfire. The city of Denver has had an open burning device ban for years. Check your local regulations before buying a fire pit.

A warm fire, good friends and a Rocky Mountain fall evening can make the perfect combination. Remember, please be safe, and therefore you’ll enjoy the evening that much more.