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It's Dirt Cheap! Is it Cheap Dirt?


How cheap is dirt cheap dirt?

I know that kind of sounds like how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, but it’s a good question for this week. Why this week? Because it’s time for the Ace Hardware Dirt Cheap Sale. We’re offering a 1 cubic foot bag of Ace top soil for $.99*. That’s cheap dirt!

The other question I have is how many bags of dirt will be sold in the US this season? Well, over 100,000 bags will be sold by Ace Hardware stores in the Rocky Mountain region during this week. That’s a bunch, but it’s merely a trowel in the wheelbarrow of the well over 7,000,000 bags of dirt that will be sold nation-wide this season.

By a bag of dirt, I mean all garden, potting and lawn soils that come in a bag. This includes composts and manures as well. Basically, anything that you’d buy in a bag, take home and put in the ground to grow something. All dirts are not the same, either. Your local Ace Hardware has many high-quality composts and garden soils which are alive with organic matter and nutrients as well as basic top soil.  

Think back a few decades. If someone had told you in 1970 that one of the hottest, fastest selling products in the gardening business would be dirt, but put in to bags and sold for $4, $5, even more than $10, you’d laugh. Of course, if that same person told you that people would pay more for a bottle of water in 2017 than they would a gallon of gasoline you’d think they were nuts.

Dirt never goes as far as you think it will. I spent the past few years in a big re-landscape project. I had a large hole to fill and needed to bring up the grade of my yard by several feet. I measured. I did the math. Multiple times. Got about the same answer each time, but I just refused to believe how many dump trucks I would need to fill the area. I had so many trucks come in, I lost count. It cost way more than I wanted to spend on dirt, but it needed to be done. Later, when I made raised garden beds, I wanted really good dirt to fill them. Again, I measured, but refused to believe how many bags it would take. Well, finally got enough, after multiple trips to my Ace Hardware store.

So, don’t underestimate how many bags of dirt you may need this season. Buy enough, because you’ll spend more on gas and time going back and forth to buy more than if you just buy a bunch the first time. Remember, hauling dirt is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Stop by your local Ace Hardware this week and get some bags of Dirt Cheap dirt. And when you do, tell them Pete Moss sent you. Thanks!

*Yes, there’s always fine print. Just the first five bags are at $.99. See your local store for more details.