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Tips from the Experts

Helpful advice from your neighbors at Ace

Don't Get Hosed This Summer!

Zero G HoseAre you tired of fighting your garden hose? Tired of kinks, leaks, knots, cracks, and bad fittings in your hose? Think this sound like the intro to a late-night TV commercial?

Actually, it does sound that way. None the less, there are a lot of garden hoses out there and it seems like all of them can be a pain. Have no fear, Pete Moss is here to help you decide which is the right hose for you.

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How to H2O

Green Grass

Water. Key to life. For you, and for your lawn & garden. The human body can go for something like three days without water. Your grass can go longer than that. But just how long can my grass go? How often and how much should I water?

Kind of a tough question, especially here in the Rocky Mountain region. Our weather can be so fickle it’s hard to say just exactly how much to do one way or another. Take this spring for example. We had such a dry winter, followed by a dry spring. Those deep spring snows just never came around. Lawns and gardens were looking terrible. Then along came May with over three inches of rain. Suddenly lawns, flowers and trees were going wild and growing like gangbusters. Hardly any need to water at all in May. Now it’s summer, it’s hot, it’s dry and the need to keep your lawn alive is strong.

I have sprinkler system and it’s all set to run, what else do I need to do, Pete? It’s good that you’ve set your sprinklers. But how are they set? Do you water all the time? How much water are you really getting to your grass?

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4 Things to Do on the 4th

Ace Logo

One: Celebrate the United States of America! Don’t ever forget what Independence Day means. Yes, it’s Independence Day, even though most people now know it as The Fourth of July. This holiday is for us to celebrate the fact that a group of far-sighted, brave individuals gathered in a room in 1776 and wrote the Declaration of Independence. From that day on, the world would not be the same. If it weren’t for these founding fathers, we may never have had the freedom to do so many things that we take for granted today.

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We Can Help You with Your Wasp Problem!

Rescue Wasp Trap

Wasps. Hornets. Yellowjackets. Why are there so many of these pests flying around?

What can I do about them?

For the sake of simplicity, I am going to call any stinging, flying insect that’s yellow and black, and attacks people a wasp. There are subtle differences between the three, but most people just call them all wasps.

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Want to Know the Best Way to Kill Weeds?


Dandelions, thistles, spurge, bindweed. Is this what your lawn is made up of right now, not the grass that you want it to be? Fear not, Pete Moss here to help you sort through the maze of weed killers.

Weed killers have been getting a lot of bad press lately. You’ve likely read about glyphosate in weed killer and all the problems it causes. Well, rest assured you can find other options that do not contain glyphosate at your local Ace Hardware store. I won’t go in to all the details here, nor rage against any one brand or another. It’s enough to say that there are choices available at Ace and have been for some time now.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ace Logo

Father’s Day is coming right up. So, what to get Dad this year? What to get Dad any year, for that matter. Why is it that us guys are so hard to buy for? Oh sure, there’s hundreds of dumb gadgets that fit the right price point and look clever in the department and discount stores, but they’re really not worth it. Dad will say thanks, because, well he’s a dad and that’s what we do. But what he’d really, rather have is at Ace Hardware!

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Why You Should Buy a Looft Lighter

Looft Lighter

Come on baby light my fire!

You know that it would be untrue. You know that I would be a liar. If I were to say to you, I’m tired of lighting my charcoal fire. With apologies to The Doors, I honestly cannot say that I am tired of lighting my fire. In my grill, of course.

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It's Tomato Mania at Ace


Hey Tomato Maniacs! It’s Tomato Mania time at your local Ace Hardware store.

Um, Pete, what’s Tomato Mania? Glad you asked. Tomato Mania is the time to come in and get all your supplies for growing tomatoes! Including great deals on tomato plants themselves.

Tomatoes are about the best vegetable you can grow in your garden. Everyone knows that your average store-bought tomato is about as tasty as plastic. A home-grown tomato, fresh from your vine, has so much more flavor, so much more nutrition, so much more of everything than a store-bought tomato.

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Get the Right Tool for the Garden

lawn mower

Pete Moss here to talk about garden tools. Are powered garden tools really worth the money, or are they just gadgets that will cost you more money in time and maintenance? Let’s take a look:

Hedge Shears:

Powered hedge shears, whether the common electric, battery-powered or heavy-duty gas powered are a big time saver. It’s so much easier and you get such a well-groomed hedge by using these compared to manual hedge shears. Also, your forearms will really thank you for using the powered version. What’s that? You say you only have two arms, then they’ll thank you twice as much!

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The Grass is Always Greener


Hey there everyone! This is Pete Moss asking a question: What is the most common plant on this planet?

Well, technically it’s algae, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a plant with roots, stems, leaves, etc. It’s grass. If you think about it, it’s really a no brainer. Sure, there are lots of trees on the planet, plenty of flowers, but what covers vast amounts of plains, prairies, savannahs, steppes and back yards? Grass!

Now I’m not saying that it’s all Kentucky Bluegrass. There are gobs of varieties of natural grasses. Even many grains that we eat are technically a grass. It only makes sense then that wild grass was cultivated and adapted in to lawn grass that we know today. This may make you feel a little better when you’re out there mowing your lawn. You’re taking care of your very little piece of the Earth’s big yard!

This may also bring up the question: Seed or sod? Which is to say, should I grow a lawn from seed, or put down sod? In some ways that’s like asking should I get take out or make dinner from scratch. Sod is like getting an instant lawn-to-go. Seed is like preparing your lawn from scratch. Let’s look closer:

Sod obviously is an instant lawn and looks like the easy no-care solution. Well, not really. One must still prepare soil for sod, you can’t just lay it on hard, uneven, poor soil and expect good results. Sod takes watering – a LOT of watering at first. Soaking it in for the first few weeks is required to get it take hold and grow. Sod can grow patchy, even though it’s solid when first laid down. It’s also a lot of heavy, hard work to put it down. This can be hired out of course, and a good landscape company can indeed save you a lot of sweat and grunt labor, at a price.

Seed is obviously not an instant lawn. Seed take weeks to germinate and start growing to look like a lawn. Seed is relatively cheap and easy to apply. The ground prep for seed is very similar to sod, then spread the seed and water it. Seed takes far less water than sod at first. Seed just needs to be kept moist for the first two weeks or so as it germinates. This can be frequent watering, but not much water each time. Seed gives you an easy opportunity to choose just what type of grass you want, and you can easily pick from water-saving, sunny, high traffic, even curbside blends.

Patching over thin or damaged areas is easy with seed, can be tricky with sod. Patch mixtures with seed, fertilizer & mulch all-in-one, like Scotts EZ Seed, work very well, can grow grass anywhere and fill in bald spots nicely. Um, I mean the bald spots in your lawn, don’t go getting any crazy ideas here!

Come see the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware and they can tell you more about seed vs sod. Many of our stores have sod on hand this time of year and most have a very wide selection of grass seed to choose from. They’ll also help you with weed control, starter fertilizer and any soil you may need to patch your lawn or start a new yard. Yes they can help you make the grass greener on your side of the fence!

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