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Plumbing Season?


Have you ever wondered just where the holiday sensor is located in your toilet? You do know what the holiday sensor is, don’t you? That’s the sensor that ensures your toilet stops working on a holiday. Oh, it’s a complex sensor that figures in just how many houseguests you have and just when dinner is going on the table, then it sends the toilet in to total shutdown mode. It also works well during bowl games, especially when the score’s really close, late in the fourth quarter.

Oh, you’re saying, stop it Brad, we know there’s no such sensor. Well be that as it may, toilets do have a way of breaking down at the wrong time. This is one of those devices in your home that takes an ounce of prevention every now and then. This ounce is easily worth a pound of cure.

Okay, I’m a hardware geek and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in someone’s home, or business and fixed their toilet. I have fixed toilets in hotels just because it was easier than calling a maintenance guy in the wee hours of the morning. So many times you go somewhere, ask to use the facilities and are told, of course, oh but you’ll need to jiggle the handle to make it work, or something like this. Why do people put up with a less than functional toilet for so long?


I think many people are afraid of the inside of a toilet tank. They take off the lid, peek in to the tank and there are parts in there that don’t make sense to them. And these parts are under water. They must be terribly complex. They’d call a plumber, but they know that will cost them upwards of a hundred dollars.


Well, people, you’re in luck. The parts of a toilet tank are not really that complex. They have funny names, but they all work together in easy to understand harmony once you take a few minutes to understand them. Who better to help you with this than the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware store. Your Ace Hardware store excels in toilet repair parts and knowledge. If you have a toilet that flushes itself every so often, or a marathon toilet (you know, one that won’t stop running) stop in to Ace and get the parts you need, along with the advice you need to get it fixed. Here’s a tip: Take off the tank lid and snap a picture or two on your phone to help you get the right parts.


We’re not talking rocket science here. Toilets can be repaired by yourself with little trouble, basic tools, common sense and less money than calling a plumber. A lot less money. As for that sensor, well the toilet industry has asked me not to divulge any more information about it. They may use it for other devices around your home.

Go to Ace before you have to go at home, if you know what I mean! Tell them Brad Nale sent you.  

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Humidity, It’s All Relative!

car covered in snow

Brad Nale here, with a few words about your relatives. No, not your uncles or cousins and especially not your brother-in-law! I’m here to talk about your relative humidity. Let’s face it, we live in a dry climate here in the Rocky Mountain region. When winter sets in, we really notice it. The high altitude thin air is far dryer than the lower altitude thicker air. On top of that, winter air is dryer than summer air. Why? It’s all relative. When the weather girl comes on and says it’s 30 degrees out with 25% humidity, why does that feel so dry? Why does my furniture crack and fall apart? Colder air holds less moisture than warmer air. Even though you’re heating your home, there’s very little moisture in the air to grab and pull in to your warm rooms.

How can you help this? Get a humidifier. Your local Ace Hardware store has a lot of humidifiers to choose from. From a small, inexpensive unit that works well for a bedroom to a larger unit that can work for over 2000 square feet, Ace is the place to get humid.

You may have seen small humidifiers in other stores that use wicks. If you’ve picked up one of these, Ace has the wicks for them. In fact, we at Ace hear that all the time, “I bought this at a discount mart, but they don’t stock the replacement wicks.” Bring in your unit, or at least the brand and model, and our helpful folks will get the wick you need.

Humidifiers have come a long way. No longer are they noisy units that just spit water. No longer do you have to add salt to the water to make them work. No longer are they something you use just when you’re down with the flu. Today’s humidifiers, especially my favorites from Venta, Air Care and Crane, use ultra-sonic waves to vaporize water and send water vapor in to the room. These units are ultra-quiet, efficient and yes, they increase the humidity very well. In fact, their main drawback: re-filling the reservoirs often, because they put so much water vapor in to the air.


Years ago, I knew some people from Japan who had just moved to Colorado. Still working on their English skills, they asked me one day, “How to get rid of zzt zzt?” After a few gestures I realized they meant how do you get rid of static electricity? Ah, the fun side- effect of low humidity. Yes, we’ve all given ourselves third degree burns from static shocks, especially while wearing our fuzzy socks in the winter. Instead of dragging around a ground wire from your ankle, save the torture to yourself, your pets, and your spouse and get a humidifier set up. More humidity means more comfort, less furniture loss, fewer static shocks and no more zzt zzt!

Now is a great time to stop by your locally-owned and operated Ace Hardware store and check out their selection of humidifiers. Many of our stores have one or more models running so you can see just how well they work. Let the helpful folks help you choose what’s right for your home. When your relatives come to visit this holiday season, they’ll appreciate the relative humidity being higher too. That could even lead to a relatively more pleasant time with your relatives! 

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Ace is the Holiday GIft GIving Place!

Ace House Holiday Lights

What? I thought Ace was a hardware store. Well, yes, but it’s so much more. This is Holly Day here to tell you about the multitude of gifts available at your local Ace Hardware store. There is a huge variety of inventory from store to store when it comes to gifty things. The Ace store down the street from you is independently owned and operated. This means that the store owner can find fun and unique items to bring in from anywhere and anyone. You just never know what you’ll find at Ace that you’ll not find anywhere else.

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7 Tips for Holiday Lights

Ace House with Holiday Lights

Hi, this is guest writer Holly Day, sending out tips for putting up your holiday lights outside in the Colorado winter. It’s always fun watching guys hang lights out in the snow and cold while sitting inside with a cup of hot cocoa. Just the same, I hate to see guys do things wrong, so here are a few ideas. 

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The Hottest Holiday Lights

Ace House with Holiday Lights

Hey, Holly Day here reminding you that it’s that wonderful time of the year again. Yeah, well, you probably don’t need me to remind you. You’ve been reminded on TV of this time of the year starting, oh last June or so. Love it or hate it, the holidays are a year-round business. So why not get your decorating with lights done now. The weather’s better, the selection is great and all the fun new items are stocked up.

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Happy ThanksGrilling

turkey dinner

Yes, that time when we all gather around our tables with family and friends and celebrate the first time that the Pilgrims and native Americans got together to grill turkey on their Big Green Egg. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: Brad, Isn’t a Big Green Egg grill based on the Japanese Kamado? How did the pilgrims have them. Well since Ace Hardware was founded in 1924, they didn’t buy one there, maybe they… oh never mind, I digress.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Ice Melt

ice melt

One: Don’t use ice melt too soon on concrete surfaces. Using ice melt on concrete that has not properly cured will cause the top layer of concrete to crumble and chip off. Not what you want. You should not use ice melt on concrete that is less than a year old.

Two: Don’t allow the dried ice melt to sit on your concrete for days and days. It’s common to see flakes and pellets of ice melt sitting on a sidewalk for weeks after a snow. It’s also common to then see pitting in that concrete. Sweep off any excess ice melt after the ice has melted. The excess will also track in to your house or business and make a mess of your floor.

Three: Don’t use too much ice melt. Hey, I get it, and I am guilty of this. Guys like me think, if a little bit is good, a lot is better. So we pour on the ice melt, covering the ice

With a layer way too thick. Yes, it will melt the ice, but the excess really does no good. It just wastes ice melt and makes more to sweep up later. If you have an immediate need for traction, use sand instead. That excess will not hurt the concrete, though you’ll still have to sweep it up. (Or maybe, just use a lot of sand and call it a beach!)

Four: Standard ice melt is not good for you pets. Mainly you need to watch your dogs around ice melt. They’re the most likely to be wandering around, or playing where they could come in to contact with it. Salt in ice melt will cling to their paws where they can lick it and ingest it, which is bad. Dogs can also drink water from melted ice that has ice melt in it. If you have pets or use ice melt where pets may roam, always use pet safe ice melt.

Five: Use a spreader to apply ice melt. A simple hand-held fertilizer spreader works really well, a wheeled version works well for larger areas. This will keep you from using too much, and keep it off your hands. Okay, it’s snowy and icy out, your gloves, not your hands. Still, you don’t want to spread it with your hands. Use a plastic scoop if that’s all you have and spread as evenly as possible. You don’t want clumps or piles here and bare, icy spots there. Kind of defeats the whole purpose.

I’ll bet you didn’t know you needed to know those things. No, ice melt isn’t the sexiest subject around, but here in the Rocky Mountain region, it is a necessity. Have more questions? Need a good selection of ice melt? Stop in and see the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware store. Tell them Brad Nale sent you! 

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Five Tips for Working with Concrete

Ace Hardware Logo

Hi everyone, Brad Nale here. I’ve just been working with concrete, doing some foundation repair, and thought I’d pass along a few tips that I’ve worked out. You can find multiple how-to videos on YouTube these days, watch these for how-to help. The tips here are more abstract concrete ideas (oxymoron intended!).

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Pumpkin Project

Time to plan your pumpkin!

It’s mid-October. You’ve already had at least one of every pumpkin-spice flavored food imaginable. You’ve seen the fall décor in stores for a long time now. But, as of now you only have two weeks to figure out what you’re going to carve, find that perfect pumpkin and get your carving tools together. And you’re wondering, what’s up with the teal-colored pumpkins I see around stores?

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Change Your Filter for a Healthy Home

furnace filter

All I need is the air that I breathe and a filter.

Hmm… Is that the way the Hollies meant to sing this?

Well, maybe not, but in today’s world it’s good to filter the air we breathe.

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